How to Get People with Your Voice

Could we move people our voice? What voice?

How could people be moved my voice, and what for?

The question thus should be: How could I win people over with my tone? How could I build intimate friendly lasting relationships?

As a matter of fact, the tone of your voice can do as much as you can never imagine.

Just ask yourself who would you like to listen to now? If you want to talk about something that bothers you or a problem you are facing, what person would you contact? And why?

Could you imagine listening to a boring cold voice? Or rather would you pick the person with that warm friendly caring voice?

Here’s the point; the how you say your message, thoughts and reactions the greater impact you have on others- the listeners. And this goes for every one. To communicate effectively with others, you have to work on the how you speak; on the tone of your voice.

Watch this interesting talk and learn how to acquire and develop that skill, don’t be just this talking fax machine…


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