Be strong! Control your Emotions!

Almalja is a Muslim school where we believe that every school day counts and every child matters. Our school motto, a virtuous beginning, reflects our concern for virtues and discipline. We believe that a child whose foundation is nurtured on honesty, responsibility, respect for all the creations of Allah, and respect for law and order will grow up to be a good representative of Islam and a responsible citizen. These virtues are indispensable to living a good and productive life while being active members of the community. Our mission is to train lifelong independent learners and researchers using holistic, child-centered, Montessori inquiry-based approach. Train children to become active participants in their own development, and help them realize their full potential as intelligent, creative whole persons. In Almalja, we value every one of our pupils equally. We encourage and celebrate pupils’ successes, help children grow in confidence, develop independence and build self-esteem. The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced, creative, interesting and varied to suit all learners. promotes the intellectual, moral, physical, spiritual and cultural development of each pupil. Our school environment is inviting and secure, encouraging pupils to take pride in their surroundings. We also adopt the EYFS framework, which is statutory in the UK. In doing this, we are adopting a curriculum which entirely follows the British education system and provides children with the best possible start to their schooling. Our curriculum is designed to assist children preserve their Islamic identity from toddler, take pride in their abilities and challenge themselves to achieve the best of both Worlds

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