How to Give Da`wah to Muslims (Part 2)

By: Yahiya Emerick

How to Give Da`wah to Muslims (Part 1)

The blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Seek out your brothers for these three things: If they are sick, visit them; If they are busy, help them, and if they have forgotten, remind them.” (Mishkat)

The Crucial Subjects which must be presented to Muslims

1- The revolutionary nature of Tawheed

Islam is the final perfection in humanity’s knowledge of Allah. What it means for Muslims, and the superiority of Islam over all other philosophies and ideologies.

2- The Intangible (Al-Ghayb)

How belief in the Intangible, or unseen world, increases our trust in Allah by affirming that there are things beyond our comprehension, yet a part of our ultimate destiny.

3- How Allah has revealed codified guidance to humanity (The Qur’an)

True hidaya (Guidance) is found only in the Qur’an. The Qur’an was sent to give glad tidings, warnings and lessons for us to learn from.

4- The Messenger of Allah

How he provides the example of excellence. Inspiration and strength can be found in his life, character and teaching. Tribal customs and ethnic practices that go against the spirit and practice of Islam must be abandoned.

5- The Day of Judgment, accountability and its impact in our daily lives

We must answer for our conduct in this life, therefore, everything we do matters. No injustice will be forgotten and no reward will be lost.

6- Belief in Qadar and the certainty it provides

All things happen for a purpose and that purpose is known only to Allah. We are not programmed and have some choices in our lives because Allah has willed us to have free will in our actions. We are not at the mercy of events, rather, we can choose how we react to them.

7- Life in the Hereafter

This life side-tracks ?? us from the real goal. Material success is not an accurate measure of a person’s worth.

Why should you spend your life only focused on making money when you could lose the greatest investment opportunity of all?

8- Islamic `Ibadat (practices) are an essential part of a Muslim’s life

They are a daily training regimen to strengthen the soul, comfort the mind and bring us closer to our Creator. Anyone who abandons this training and teaching tool also abandons their chance for spiritual contentment and peace.

However, it must be stressed that these practices are not an end in themselves. The blessed Prophet was quoted as saying that we are rewarded according to the extent of our understanding of what we are doing. (Quoted from the book, A Treasury of Islamic Virtues by Wahedduddin Khan)

9- Racists, bigots and Islamophobics

Racists, bigots and Islamophobics are arrayed against all of us and they make no distinction between practicing and non-practicing Muslims. Their only goal is to divide Muslims and keep them weak so they will be unable to withstand conversion, pacification or elimination. Allah says:

Neither the Jews nor the Christians will be satisfied with you until you follow their ways. Declare to them, ‘Certainly, the Guidance of Allah is the only true Guidance.’ For if you follow their desires after knowledge has come to you, you shall have neither a protecter from Allah nor any helper. (Al-Baqarah 2:120)


The article is an excerpt from the author’s How to Tell Others About Islam, 1994.


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