EDC launches Truth Seeker Site in Arabic

Dr. Abdullah Al-Ajeel, chairman of E-Da`wah Committee

Dr. Abdullah Al-Ajeel, chairman of E-Da`wah Committee

The E-Da`wah Committee (EDC) has launched a new Da`wah website dedicated to calling atheists in the Middle East and North Africa in Arabic: www.truth-seeker.info/ar”, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ajeel, chairman of E-Da`wah Committee announced.

“The new born website aspires to be a unique and reliable source of information about the truth of creation, Allah the Creator, and the purpose of life, providing Qur’anic and scientific signs and rational proofs”, Dr. Al-Ajeel said, noting that Truth Seeker has sought to address atheists, agnostics, rationalists, secularists, skeptics and man-made religions.

As to the website content, structure and services, “the Truth Seeker provides a wide range of  information covering different issues and areas from different perspectives through substantial sections such as “Does God Exist?”, “Refuting Darwinism”, and “Qur’an and Science”, Dr. Al-Ajeel said during the launching ceremony.

“In the section “Guided Atheists” we read stories of atheists who found their way to Islam, and besides “Jewels of Islam” is another addition to the website that aims at showcasing the beauties of Islam, its legislations, and aspects of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) character.”

“Also, Truth Seeker haven’t forgot about  the wide range of audiences who don’t adhere to  excessively rigid materialistic values and therefore the “Oasis of  Faith” section is the haven for those searching for spirituality and true peace,” he added.

In order for the website to achieve its aim and to boost its traffic Dr. Al-Ajeel called for promoting social interaction using social media tools, asking Allah to make Islam and Muslims benefit from it and accept and bless it.

It is worth noting that the Truth seeker has been sought to confront rising atheism in the Arab world as new surveys and reports find that atheism is rising noticeably in the Arab world, particularly among the youth with more youth declaring themselves non-believers online , and more websites and social media pages promoting atheistic thoughts.



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