Use Wunderlist Effectively and Get Things Done

With over 6 million people already use Wunderlist to manage tasks, to-do lists, and to get things done, it is worth learning about the app, its features and how to efficiently make use of it.

So, what is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is the best to-do list for you and your team where you can plan your schedule, connect with anyone, with access from anywhere.

If you want to manage and share your to-do lists,  whether of an overseas adventure or a shopping list, with a loved one or running your very own business, Wunderlist is where you can achieve all this.

Wunderlist is a great app that’s free and based on GTD. I wanted to show you here how to use the core functionality to really get things done. I’ll show you how to setup tasks for different projects and create a daily to-do list without losing the integrity of each of the projects like many other task managers do.


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