Lifehacker Code: Texter (Windows)

Texter is a free text expansion tool from one of the editors of Lifehacker.  The idea behind Texter is that, instead of typing certain words or phrases that you use with some regularity, you set a string of characters along with a trigger.  Typing those characters and the trigger will cause Texter to automatically type the full word or phrase.  For example, if I type the letters “thx”, followed by a space (my trigger), Texter will automatically type “Thanks.”  You could also use Texter to have easy access to multiple email signatures.

Anyone with a job that involves typing should check out Texter, to see if it helps.  Texter normally must be installed on your computer, but if that isn’t an option for you on a work PC, there is also a portable version that you can install on a thumb drive.  If you want to use the same keystrokes on all your computers, then install Texter into your Dropbox folder to keep it in sync.

Now its time to hit the jump for a a quick video demonstration, a full feature rundown with screenshots, and the download link.




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