Telling Others about Islam

Through multiple ways a Muslim could invite others to Islam, spread the message of Allah and refute misconceptions about our religion and our Prophet (peace be upon him). It’s not a hard work and not the job of specific individuals with specialized Islamic degrees. Otherwise, it is a simple work and the duty of every Muslim following the Sunnah (tradition) and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Nevertheless, being a simple and dutiful work doesn’t mean all Muslims are eligible to give Da`wah and present the true image of Islam.

In their everyday activities and rituals a Muslim could properly give Da`wah and confidently demonstrate the true message of Islam as a comprehensive way of life. Then, when you approach anyone about Islam it’s not about abstract principles and morals, it’s the very way you are living your life.

This video shows how through simple activities in your daily life you, me and every Muslim could perfectly and skillfully deliver the very message of Islam, exemplifying the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):


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