Online Da`wah Hour: Don’t Miss

Online Da`wah Hour: Don’t Miss

What’s Happening Online?

Online Da`wah… A New Era

Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction.  ( 16:125)

As Muslims it is our duty to convey the message of Islam in the best possible way. We should always be looking for new innovative ways to spread the message of Islam. We live in an era of the world wide web, with millions of people online. Yet Muslims in general have not used the internet on a large scale in calling people back to Allah.

What’s Happening Online?

Atheists and Christian organizations have been spreading their beliefs on the internet for years and have been very successful at it. A Christian organization called ‘Global Media Outreach’ which focuses exclusively on Internet evangelism claims to have reached over 1 billion people online!

How Can You Help?

There have been some efforts from Muslims online (blogs, websites, videos etc) but there has never been a united worldwide effort to push the daw`ah online.  For this reason, we at iERA have launched a new project called ‘Online Da`wah Hour’.

The idea is very simple – every Friday between 5 to 6 pm (GMT) we will be sending out a message (a video, picture, article or message) which we want all Muslims around the world to share online with non-Muslims.

As you share content you may also have the opportunity to have constructive warm da`wah conversations, which allow you to talk further about Islam and share our message of peace.

When Do We Start?

We have already piloted this form of da`wah a few times and the response has been phenomenal. The amazing thing about this project is that any Muslim regardless of their age, gender or location can get involved.

The project is now being fully launched this October 2014.  We are aiming that one year from now we will have 10,000 Muslims joining in on the ‘Online Da`wah Hour’ every week insha’Allah.

If you are interested in learning more about the ‘Online Da`wah Hour’ please click here to watch a video by Abdurraheem Green.


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