Da`wah in Modern Day

Islamic dawah is the act of inviting non-Muslims to the religion of Islam. This can be done in various ways including leafleting and seminars and can be carried out in different places.

Traditionally, Islamic da`wah was kept within the Mosques, where non-Muslims would be invited to learn about the religion from an Imam.

Recently, new waves of initiatives have been seen rising across the globe. Such initiatives include the rose events, where sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were attached to roses and handed out to the general public.

Another effective event was the free hot chocolate stall in Norway during the month of Muharram; an event aimed at educating the public on the battle of Karbala’. Others choose to mobilize the social media world to spread the message of Islam.

Still, the question arises here is: should Islamic da`wah be revamped for the modern day? How; what means, and on what basis?

And before this, the first question we should ask is: what is the definite meaning of da`wah in Islamic Tradition, and what does it mean now? How could we fruitfully adapt the mission of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and ancestors to new lifestyles, needs and technologies?


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