How to Import Video from a Camera in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, we will teach you how you can Import Video from a Camera in Premiere Pro, You need to have a firewire to capture the footage from your camera. For this tutorial, we already have a video camera connected to our laptop through the firewire port.

So let’s get started.


Step 1 — Opening up the capture window
So all you need to do, once the camera is connected, is to move to the File menu and click on the Capture option.

Step 2 — Adding the clip data
With that done, the new window will open up and it will register a blank frame, which means that we can get started with importing the video.
It’s always a good idea to stay organized with your content. So over here, let’s enter the tape name and the clip name. You can also put in a description related to the particular shot if you are working with a long source clip.

Step 3 — Moving to the settings tab
Next, let’s move over to the Settings tab. Over here, you can choose the location where the project will be saved. All you have to do is click on the browse button and choose the location where you want the clip to be saved.

Step 4 — Recording the footage
Now let’s head back to the logging tab and over here notice that the clip is currently stopped. Let’s start locating the footage that we want to import first. For that, simply click on the play icon. To import video from camera, all you have to do is click on the record button and Adobe premiere will automatically start recording the footage being played.

Step 5 — Saving the captured clip
Once the footage that you want has been captured, simply click on the stop button and a new window will open up.
Over here, notice that the clip name is exactly what you had entered previously. You can add more details to this clip if you want like the description, scene number etc. Once done, simply click on the Ok and after that, you will see the clip available in the project panel.
This way, you can successfully import video from camera in Adobe Premiere Pro.


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