How to Answer Non-Muslims’ Questions

The one who asks the question has a purpose, and dictating the questions he asks you he dictates the direction of the whole conversation, what he purposefully wants and acts to prove, and what it would lead to.

As a matter of fact, there’s no one rule applies to all non-Muslims and, accordingly, to all questions.

How hence should I answer a non-Muslim questioning about Islam?

What sorts of questions might be asked about Islam, and for what purpose? This is the core question here.

When you are asked offensive critical question like: ‘you, Muslims, are fond of killing, murdering, etc’, how should your answer be, and in what direction? What the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions would do in such a case?

How could I differentiate between sincere questions from someone who really wants to learn about Islam- even out of curiosity- and another who has no end but to offend and attack the religion?

How could we dictate the questions that really matter?

Here, Nouman Ali Khan’s logical answers provide a guideline on dealing with such cases, and what techniques should be implemented…



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