How to Use Google Chrome Shortcuts

How could you save your time while working on Google Chrome? How could you use Google Chrome shortcuts in order that you save your time, finish your work quickly and on time?

For all these benefits, learning shortcuts for Google Chrome can never be a waste.

Here we will learn how to use Google Chrome shortcuts, getting familiar with them, and understanding what each shortcut does.

Just follow the precious tips given below…

1: Open a New Window

To open up a new window in Google Chrome, you can press the shortcut key CTRL+N.

2: Open a New Tab

Now let’s press Ctrl+t and this will open up a new tab, in the same window.

3: Open the Incognito Mode

With the Ctrl+Shift+n key, the incognito mode window will open up.

Alt+F4 will close the newly opened window.

4: Open File Location

If you want to open up the file location for that press Ctrl+o and here you can view any text or htlm file in the chrome window.

With the keystroke of Ctrl+w is used to close tab.

5: Open the Closed Tabs

If you want to open recently closed tab press Ctrl+Shift+t.

6: Go to First Opened Tab

If you open so many tabs in the same window and you want go on first tab, press Ctrl+1 with that done you will quickly move on your first opened tab.

7: Skip to Next Tab

Use the Ctrl+Tab keys to skip on the next tab in your Google Chrome.

8: Open the Home Page

Alt+Home key is to open up the home page in current window.

Ctrl+Shift+B is used to toggle the bookmarks bar on and off.

9: View the History

While learning shortcuts for Google Chrome it is always helpful to learn how to view your history. It provides you with a list of where you’ve been from this browser so you can look at the previously viewed web pages again if you wish to and can go to them if you don’t remember their exact addresses.

The Ctrl+h keys open up the history page of the chrome.

10: Open Download Page

If you want open the download page press Ctrl+j key.

11: Open the Developer Tools

Combination of Ctrl+Shift+j opens up the developer Tools. And that’s it, by learning all of these you will know your way around Google Chrome shortcuts.

For a practical follow-up, click on the video here…



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