How to Use Chrome’s Parental Controls Feature

If you are in favor of Google Chrome, we’re always happy to show you several new good tricks related to this browser. This tutorial will focus on parental controls: an important feature if you want to help your little folks stay unaffected online word. While Google Chrome does not have sophisticated parental control filters, smart usage of its settings combined with extra free filters do the job just fine.

Step 1: First of all, let’s profit from built-in features of your Google Chrome. Go to the address you see on screen using your Google Chrome browser ( )

Step 2: In the upper part of the page, tick the box near “Filter explicit results”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Save”.

Step 3. To make it more advanced, you can enhance your protection with free Google Chrome safety filter. Go to the link that you see on screen. Download the free “Blocksi” application. Click “Add” to confirm your choice. Great! You’ve just added the extension to your Google Chrome.

Step 4: The Installation Wizard will guide you through the process. You can choose the already-made presets: one for Adults, one for Children. We’ll pick of course “Children”. You can either protect extension with a password or not. We’ll skip this step. Great! You’ve just added the “Children” filter to your Google Chrome. Here is the website with filter applied.

Step 5: Besides that, anytime now you notice your kid browsing the website with suspicious content, remember the URL, go to it when your kid is not around and press the little violet “b” button in the right upper corner of your Chrome Browser. In the little pop-up window, click “Block”. Click “Save”. Now the naughty website has became magically inaccessible:)!

Result: Here you go! May your kids use the web smartly and safely!


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