Your Obligation to Muhammad: Give Da`wah NOW!

Around the world we find an ever increasing number of challenges to the prophethood of Muhammed Ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him). Muslims throughout time have all responded in different ways to convey the truth of his claim.

iERA aims to take people away from this hype and pose a basic question: Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Test the Message! What did he (peace be upon him) come to teach and what reasons do we have to believe that he was telling the truth?

On 6th October we invite you to join us on the streets of London for a day of dawah, inviting the people to think about this simple question.

No experience required, just your love for the Prophet (peace be upon him)! On the day we will be providing you with training, t-shirts and materials to get you ready to share the true message of Islam!



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