Give Da`wah the Right Way: Yourself (1/5)

Setting a great goal, developing and learning new skills for achieving these goals is the starting point for those who want and work to develop themselves and build changes in their life. But what does this have to do with da`wah?

Dr. Naji Al-Arfaj is one of those who developed his skills in an effort to do something real in his life. How did he find motivation? From where did he begin?

How can one develop themselves, make things around them better?

Yourself & Give Da`wah

Every single Muslim has the chance to give da`wah, to present the beauties of Islam based on how we communicate with others.

And Allah does call to the Home of Peace: He does guide whom He pleases to a way that is straight. (Yunus 10:25)

In the video below Dr. Naji Al-Arfaj shares his years’ experience in the field of da`wah…


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