Da`wah: Share Your Beliefs with Others

Da`wah is often understood as answering misconceptions, being good, or feeding the homeless. Though these types of da`wah are very beneficial, they only assist the da`wah. Having good manners and being the best Muslim we could actually do assist the da`wah. But the core meaning of da`wah is calling to Allah; inviting non-Muslims and the Muslims as well to Allah and His Messenger and the religion of Islam, sharing your beliefs with others.

How many of us are aware of this meaning of da`wah? How sincere are we in giving da`wah? How much time is dedicated to deliver the core fundamental principles about Islam and God’s revelation to mankind through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Qur’an?

There’re many good things about Islam, its teachings and practices, but do others truly know about your beliefs as a Muslim; about tawheed, the core message of Islam?

In the video below John Fontain gives advice about da`wah


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