Da`wah in the Footsteps of the Prophet

The fundamental role of all the messengers of God was to call people to God, and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the final caller to the way of God.

From that crystal clear fact we get to know that we, the followers of Prophet Muhammad, have a role in conveying that message. It’s a duty we all should carry out.

How did the Prophet fulfill such a mission; how could he intelligently and constantly reached out to people of his time about Islam, delivering the message of God, despite all what he had faced and went through?

And, in respect of that, what should we learn from him, and how could we practically follow in his footsteps?

Here Nouman Ali Khan explains what methods we should implement when inviting others to Islam, fulfilling our duty, as Muslims, to others who don’t know about Islam or those who have distorted image about the religion.


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