Be a Model Yourself

How did Islam reach India and spread there? What does this have to do with giving da`wah and what should we, Muslims, learn from that?

Your role is to deliver the message, whereas convincing and guidance is in the hands of your Lord. Guidance is something that comes to God’s will: it’s out of humans’ hands, including Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him).


And that is the framework of the task: the content of that message and the approach to deliver it. This is what outlines your role, firstly as a Muslim and then as da`i. So you need to discover and learn what your role is really about.

Whatever you say, do and think does reflect what you believe in and the principles and teachings you, as a Muslim, stand for. From here your role begins. In every aspect of your life yourself be a model to others; be a true Muslim. You cannot approach anyone about Islam unless you, from strict belief in the oneness of God, adhere to and live the teachings of Islam.

Before inviting others to Islam and approaching them about its principles and credentials, at first be a mirror of the true deen (religion) you believe in.

Thus, before being a da`i you firstly have to be a Muslim! Yes, to call others to Islam firstly apply the true religion you believe in. This is how Islam spread in whole countries.

Learn about the very basic requirements and techniques of giving da`wah from Sheikh Muhammad Salah in this video:



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