Almalja Madrasah

Almalja opened its doors to students in 2016 for weekend tahfidh (the  memorization of the Qur’an), Arabic, Adab and fiqh. We lay a foundation of beliefs and values in addition to the basic rites of worship, practicing the moral and ethical decision-making process that is most essential to a successful life.

In learning the Quran, students are trained to understand the meaning of the verses, at least to what is developmentally appropriate. The Quranic Studies curriculum provides a mix of verses for comprehension and discussion, With a grasp of the meaning of the Quran, we value the quality of the memorized surahs rather than the quantity. We also value the understanding and implementation of the knowledge rather than rote memorization. Ibn Mas`ood, radyallaahu `anhu, said: “True knowledge is not measured in relationship to how much you memorize and then narrate, but rather, true knowledge is an expression of piety, protecting oneself from what Allaah prohibited and acting upon what He mandated”.

Our Arabic curriculum include the introduction of Arabic alphabet, vowels, diphthongs, words, phrases, and clauses; Students continue to learn the Arabic language through stories listening and looking at pictures. Mudaris and Mudarisah encourage students to describe pictures, talking about colors, sizes, numbers and location of items in them. Students are asked to rearrange the sequences of the events of the stories and to predict their endings. In addition students evaluate the characters,
actions and reactions, and express what they like or dislike. Students creatively change the ending of written words, phrases and sentences.
Central to our vision is the development of good character, Abdullah ibn Al Mubarak rahimahullah, one of the greatest scholars of Islam said: “I spent 30 years learning manners, and I spent 20 years learning knowledge”. Our intention is to illuminate the minds of our students with good manners and
moral knowledge that motivates them to love Allah, His Messenger Muhammad (sallah Allahu alayhi wa salaam), themselves, and all humanity.
We Help our students understand their important role as contributing members of the Muslim and wider community.